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Yes, it’s finally up and running! I’m hoping that this site turns out to be a little more user friendly than the last one, but if you have any suggestions please let me know. I’ve tried to post some recent stories to get you caught up – I know it’s been a while! Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you enjoy it!



A week spent with women

For the past week, life here at the Little’s has been very different; the house has been filled with women. Helen had organized a women’s team to come and stay at the house, and to head out into the community and serve other Nica women for the week. We spent time with the women of El Faro (the church right outside the dump ‘la chureca’, we went to Casa Bernabe to serve the women who work there, we spent a few days in Leon working with the communities of La Ceiba and Las Chacaras, and we also had a chance to spend some quality time with the women of Casa Esperanza.

All in all it was a great week filled with new experiences and new friendships – I’m sad to see them leave! To read more about our week, click on the title of this post…

The new housemom

The young girls that live at House of Hope range from ages 10 to 14. The number of girls in the dorm varies, as some leave to go back to the streets to live with their mothers (also prositutes), some move out of the dorm and into a ‘house’ of their own, and new girls can arrive at any time. Generally there is around 10 girls, and Brittany is their current house mom. She’s 23, from Maryland, has been here since March, and will be here till the following March.

She needed a well deserved break, so I came in and spent 3 nights and 4 days with the girls – giving her a much needed rest from her typical day-to-day routine.

To read more about my week, click on the title of this post.
A few of the girls
A few of the girls during one of their posing sessions 🙂

Why do ‘goods’ always have to come with ‘bads’?

I’ve been back to visit Casa almost once a week since I left, and while I love seeing the children, it can be tough going back. Many of the children already have such abandonment issues, so the fact that I left – yet still come back to visit is hard for them to understand. It’s hard to attach, because they know I’m going to leave again…in a matter of hours sometimes. But they know me, are comfortable with me, it’s easy. It’s a wonderful, dreadful, happy and extremely sad event – every week – that I can’t stop doing. Don’t want to stop doing. Won’t stop doing.

To read about my latest visit, my beautiful little Ana, and our difficult relationship, click the title of this post…


Casa Esperanza

A bit of background on Casa Esperanza: it is a vocactional center/home for prostitutes looking for a way to get off the streets and still be able to support their families. Helen and I go every Tuesday to teach jewelry making with the women they bus in off the streets. They make an honest days wages and the products are sold both in Nicaragua and the US to help support the House of Hope.

Helen and I working with our second group of women.

For more details click on the title of this post…

A little background

For those who haven’t been tuned in since the beginning of my journey, Casa Bernabe is the orphanage that I lived and worked at for my first two months in Nica. I stayed with and cared for the young girls, ages 6-14, and it was a beautiful, difficult, learning, stressful, joyful experience. While I was excited to experience life outside of the orfa, it was hard to say goodbye and part from all my wonderful kids.
from mels cam 015
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