Life in Nicaragua

Casa Esperanza

The people who live at Casa Esperanza range from 3 weeks to 55 years old.  There are currently 8 women living there, along all of their children (this number is constantly changing as women go in and out of the program), and they each have their own small ‘house’ on the property.  There is also a group of young girls who have been rescued from life on the streets, ages 10-14, who live in a dorm setting and have a ‘house mom’ (a young American named Brittany).  Sadly many of the young girls start by simply going to work with their mothers, as there is no where else for them to go, and sooner or later they end up in the business as well.  

Every Tuesday Casa Esperanza buses in around 150 women that are currently on the street, they start the morning with worship and a service, and then they spend a couple hours making greeting cards and earrings.   In the past they only made greeting cards, but in an attempt to increase sales and teach the women a new skill, we have begun to slowly introduce jewelry making.  At this point,  we have 3 tables of 8 girls making earrings and they’re doing great!  Helen and I have a blast picking out the different products and creating the samples, but the real joy comes from watching their excitement as realize they can make earrings!  Who knew it could be so simple 🙂 

April Havlin, the founder of Casa Esperanza, sells the jewelry and cards to incoming teams (there are a ton of mission teams that visit House of Hope in these summer months), at the English church here in Managua, and at a few churches in the states when she goes home to visit.  All of the proceeds go towards paying the women for the products they have made, food for the women and children that live on-site, and all general bills for the House.

Our ‘professionals’ – the first group of women we taught how to make earrings.


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