Life in Nicaragua

So many changes, so little time…

Me and Nahum on his last day at ‘home’

The boys were excited at the chance to show me their new place (since I wasn’t able to go with them on moving day) so we decided to meet up on Sunday, head to church together (Verbo church, the one that the kids from Casa Bernabe attend; the boys used to go when they lived at the other orphanage), and then head over to their place. I was suprised to see the bus jam-packed at 730 am, but after barely boarding (I rode on the bottom stair with my long skirt blowing out the open door) I safely arrived to our meeting spot. We took another bus to church and after the service I had a chance to visit breifly with the kids from Casa Bernabe; it’s always great to see them!

I wrongly assumed that the boys new where to catch the buses we needed to get home from church, but that made for yet another Nicaragua adventure. It amazes me how huge this city really is! It’s easy to forget, as you don’t see any big buildings and I’m typically more on one side of town, but wow – the secret sprawling neighborhoods go on forever! Couple the fact that there are no street names in Managua with my complete lack of eternal compass or sense of direction, and that makes this city pretty much my worst nightmare. The buses fortunately make it a lot easier (and the fact that I’m used to getting lost) – the only trouble lies in finding out which bus(es) you need…and then where to catch them. They have quite the system here. We wandered, we took the wrong buses, got off at the wrong places, the boys fought over who had to ask for directions next, and all in all, had a great day! We did end up making it to their house, and I was very happy to see that it seems perfect for them! The couple they are living with is very kind (and they’re in their late 20’s so that should be more fun for the boys), they have a great dog, and it’s right near their school. I couldn’t stay long since we spent most of the day getting there and I had to make the long trek back home – but I was given good directions and made it home without any mistakes! The trip took about an hour and half, two buses and then the walk home, but it was a great way to end the weekend!

Me and the lil one


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