Life in Nicaragua

Just what I was looking for…

playa popoyo2
After the 2 hour stop and go bus ride to Rivas, I had to change buses and was headed for Las Salinas. I knew little about where I was going, but I figured the bus would stop and I’d figure it out. That was where I went wrong. After about an hour you could smell that we were close to the ocean – they we took a sharp turn and I realized we were heading away from the beach. When I asked the young school girl next to me, she kindly told me that we passed my stop, and when she was done laughing she told me it was best for me to stay on the bus, wait till the end of the route and when they headed back they’d drop me off. We were in the middle of nowhere and I figured this was a much better idea than me wandering around (with my great sense of direction) and my pack on. After another hour we got to the end of the route – now we were REALLY in the middle of nowhere. Aside from the driver, there were three other guys who worked on the bus – one to physically work on the bus every time we stopped, one to help load the passenger’s cargo (everything from chickens and piglets to huge slats of wood), and one to collect the fares. When we got to the end of the route the four of us (everyone else got off where they were supposed to) just hung out and chatted while we waited to see if anyone would show up to take the three hour trek back to Rivas – no one did. After they found out where I was headed, they informed me that after I got off the bus, I’d have to walk 3km to get to the actual beach – so much for it being a beach town – but they’d show me which way to head. We finally got to my ‘stop’ in Las Salinas (a small dirt road that looked like every other dirt road…no wonder I missed it) and I got off the bus ready for the beach. Luckily someone stopped and offered me a ride (don’t worry mom, I AM being safe) as the 3km stroll turned out to be an 8km trek – in the midday Nica heat. He was a chef at a nice surf lodge, full of information, and took me out of his way to where the road ended…which also happened to be the cheapest and nicest hostel – perfect!

The hostel was right on the water, Playa Guasacaste, and when the tide was out you could climb around a few rocks and explore the untouched Playa Popoyo. That is the main place to go for surfers visiting the area…no more than 10 of them. The restaurant next door to my hostel had two huge talking red, blue and yellow maccaws, a monkey named Max, and the most comfortable hammacks! Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera so I don’t have much to show for the trip (aside from some awesome sea shells), but I will be going back, camera in tow, so stay tuned!


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