Life in Nicaragua

A weekend at the orphanage

There are new directors at Casa Bernabe, which unfortunately means that Carlos and Vilena are no longer here. There are many reasons for this change, and while it was extremely sad and hard on the kids to see them leave (they now live in Guatemala), I am hopeful that the new directors will continue all of the amazing work Carlos has started. They now have 36 hydroponic boxes growing many different vegetables, they’ve planted rows of banana trees and corn, and are hoping to get pigs and chickens on the property soon. Carlos was truly a visionary, and if the orfa keeps on the same track, they will save money with the food they grow, they will make money from the sale of the food, and the kids will have the option to learn a very valuable and practical skill set.
DSCN0257DSCN1560It’s been crazy watching the changes in the property at Casa Bernabe – it started out so brown and ugly, and now is lush and beautiful! It’s been green for a while now…I’m just lagging on getting these pictures up! These are from a slightly different angle, but the playground is in the background of each photo.

Random updates: Ana seems to be getting feistier by the day, but we spent a lot of time together and had a blast! Maricela (Ana’s sister) has undergone some amazing changes. Previously she was flunking all of her classes, when you smiled at her she just stuck out her tongue, she never listened to anything, and just seemed like she was full of a lot of anger. I’m happy to say that she now smiles regulary, she’s in the middle of her classes, and most of the time she behaves pretty well! She seems to be really settling into the orphanage, and it was really great to see this new side of her.
Maricela and Theo


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