Life in Nicaragua

New life at House of Hope

One way to describe this new experience is “LOTS.”

LOTS of:
-females (of all ages!)
-love needed
-love given
-drama (what would you expect with a big group of women?)
-beans and rice
-bugs (and tarantulas)
-counting (cards and jewelry)
….the list goes on!

A quick rundown of who lives on the property:
Aside from the women and children, there is a Nicaraguan family that is basically in charge of things here on site. Oscar (is one of the two men on site) and his family – Vilma (his wife) Vanessa (about 17), Oscar Jr (10), and Emily (2). There is a couple from Pennsylvania, Glen and Jana – he is the head of construction and she…well she does A LOT. I guess you could call her April’s assistant…but it’s really SO much more than that! There is Brittany, a 24 year old from Maryland, who is the dorm-mom. And last but not least, there is Shirley from Texas, and she heads up the sewing project (she is also my neighbor, cooking partner, and moved in a day before me!).

Shirley, looking thrilled, on ‘lice treatment day.’ We de-loused every single person on site!! We washed, picked, cleaned and cut hair…what a day!

Miriam, one of the women, is getting checked by her 12 year old daughter, Gloria. The girls were a huge help!! All in all I think we treated 50 cases of head lice…and yes, EVERYONE had it!

Since we had the young girls help with checking heads after they were cleaned, I tried to keep the impatient kids entertained by painting nails. It’s hard work, but someone’s gotta do it 🙂

Yes, we had to check ourselves too….just to be safe! This is Brittany having a blast checking me out; at least we did it over coffee and snacks later that evening at Jana’s house.

Getting creative (‘Nica style’) with my coffee pot…I broke the carafe the day before I moved…yep, those are pencils 🙂 Since it’s only one cup at a time, this machine gets a LOT of use!

Oleyka, a beautiful and hilarious 3 yr old.

Glen, the only English speaking man on the property (quite the trooper), and Valerie, one of the children here at HH.


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