Life in Nicaragua

A little bit of life

Helen brought a wonderful team of women from Colorado that taught both the women and children how to make these awesome paper beads! Not only did they get a chance to hang out and get to know everyone, but after their beads dried, the ladies made earrings, necklaces and bracelets out of their beads – they were SO proud!

Aside from teaching the women who live here, they came on Tuesday and taught a new table of women how to make them. This table will be in addition to all of our card and earring making tables – so hopefully we’ll have new items to add to our inventory soon! I was really surprised at how well they turned out! Tuesday mornings are quite the production; it is amazing to see so many people, working so intensely, on such a variety of products! It can get pretty crazy, but it’s very worth it to see how proud they are of their work.

We set up a display table of all our products (jewelry, cards, ornaments and bakers bags) whenever teams come, so they have a chance to buy any products that our women make here on site. They also get a chance to tour the property and hear one or two of the women’s personal stories/testimony. That’s where I come in – translating the testimony….woa. I hadn’t heard their stories first hand, so to hear them for the first time while trying to translate them for a team…it was intense. It’s hard to believe that some of them have lived through what they’ve experienced. While it can be really hard to sit and let the reality of their harsh lives sink in – it’s also amazingly moving. To see their progress and feel their hope; I haven’t been here long enough to see a huge transformation first hand, but I’ve seen small things, and after hearing their stories it’s indescribable how far they’ve come. These women are truly amazing and I can confidently say they are some of the strongest people I have ever met. What an unbelievable place.

And to all those who have multiple young babies….wow. They’re more work than I thought possible! To watch more than one (without freaking out) takes real talent! Here, when you play with one – about 5 more come running your way. The other day, Franklin (Miriam’s one year old), was screaming during sewing class so I came to take him off her hands so she could focus. Before I knew it, I had Franklin, Emily-3, Valerie- 2 1/2, Oleyka-3, Andres-3, and Bebe-3…literally running circles around me. I ended up SO dirty after about 10 minutes, you would have thought I was rolling in the dirt (only they were, and then using me as a jungle gym). After a few more minutes, someone brought me Brittany (a 6 month old) and my hands were REALLY full.

After that hour and a half, I was ready for a nap!


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