Life in Nicaragua

It’s not fun being sick in a foreign country…

I know, it’s been a LONG time with no updates! Unfortunately, I still don’t have much to talk to about, since I’ve been in bed for almost three weeks! There’s a Dengue Fever epidemic right now, and one of the kind mosquitoes chose to bite me. I will say – I wish Dengue Fever on NO ONE. My case went from bad to worse, and I ended up with a serious kidney infection – and that’s why I was in bed for so long. I’m happy to say that I am up and moving again (after many doctors visits, pedialite, injections, anitibiotics….) and will be back at House of Hope today! Oh, I left House of Hope to stay at John and Helen’s to recover, and unfortunately two other people at HH currently have Dengue as well. So yes, I’ll be seriously using the repellent with my remaining time there (it’s said to be worse the second time- which I cannot imagine).

Anyway, life is great here and I am soo excited to get back and get some quality time with the women and children. I miss them! Here’s a few pics from life before the sickness, and my visit to the orphanage (which went really well by the way).

Is this not the cutest thing ever?? Her mom made this outfit for her in one day! (Go DUCKS 😉

Margarita, Connie and I at Camino de Vida – the Saturday morning kids church.

The kids at the Casa Bernabe had a school dance presentation – each group represented a different region of Nicaragua, and their traditional dance. Ana and Ruben are in orange, and Mileydi and her school partner are in blue. They were ADORABLE!!


OH, and I added more pics to the shutterfly site so check it out here at


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