Life in Nicaragua

Flexibility and humor – you’d go insane without ’em

Life is crazy, wonderful, emotional, hectic and inspiring at House of Hope. We seem to be constantly growing. In the short time I was out sick (longer than I wanted) we had three new families move in. Well, each of the women had been here before, but they were welcomed back with arms wide open. Marta, 41, and her two grandsons (her two daughters are still sadly still out on the street), Gloria, 19, and her two babies, and Cynthia, 23 and her two children. They are all near my room, so it was great to come back surrounded by new neighbors. Unfortunately we only have single rooms left, as we’re waiting for one of the new duplexes to be built, so they are all in single rooms, 10×10, with their children for now.

The team working on the new duplex

This week was especially crazy! We had a team from Washington that was working on building the duplex in the mornings, and in the afternoons I translated one of our women’s testimonies for the team, then their ministry for the women, and finally craft time for the children. Much harder than I thought! Translating testimonies is especially hard, as their stories are SO intense, and some I had never heard before. What these women have been through, it’s utterly astonishing that some of them are still moving forward. They continue to inspire me and you can really feel the hope pour out of them.

Decorating bags during craft time with the team

After the team left each day, I’d head to the kitchen to start cooking for the dorm girls because Britt, the dorm mom went to Costa Rica for a quick vacation with her family. The dorm girls can be so much fun – yet there are also times when ‘a handfull’ does not come close to describing them. I can honestly say I don’t know how Brittany does it 24/7; the patience and heart she has, well…it’s remarkable.

Me and Kimberly, one of our newest additions to the dorm

I feel like I’m forming incredible bonds with the women here and I really can’t imagine leaving. While I’m so excited for some time at home, leaving is going to be really difficult. I’m starting to think that maybe my time here has not come to an end and I’ll be back next year? Or will I be getting involved in similar work in the states? There are a lot of ideas floating out there right now, and at this point I’m just praying for some direction because I have no idea what lies ahead…


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