Life in Nicaragua

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, there is really just so much to be thankful for. I’ve never really thought about how grateful I am that I was born in the place that I was. Of course I have thought about how thankful I am for my wonderful family and all of my amazing friends (and so much more), but the country I was born into? Sometimes I think it is to easy to forget how great we have it, because we don’t often look at how different it is for others.

One of the wonderful things about the beautiful people here in Nicaragua, is their love of their country and their people. Although they are surrounded by poverty, many raised in a war-ridden era, constantly facing incomprehensible hardships, their hope, laughter, and joy cease to amaze me. My time here is rapidly coming to an end, and with goodbyes in my near future….well, I can’t imagine leaving. These people have touched me deeply and taught me more than they will ever know.

Thanksgiving was fabulous, although I will say I missed the traditional meal and time spent with family. I spent my evening in McDonald’s. Yes, that’s right, good ol Mickey D’s. My first time since I’ve been here! The dorm girls have been great lately, and with Britt just recently getting back from vacation, she decided to take them for a night out. Their choice. So off to Mc D’s we went! None of them had ever been before, so they were excited about everything. From the play structure to the ‘cool thing the ketchup comes out of.’ I miss everyone at home, but have to say – I’m very thankful I got to share this night with my wonderful girls here in Nica.

I hope you all had a spectacular evening, filled with family, friends, love, thankfulness, and of course – FOOD! I’m thankful that I have all of you (those who read this AND those who don’t 🙂 ) in my life! Much love and many blessings to you all!

Bon a petite! Oscar, Vilma, Emily, the dorm girls, Britt and I – enjoying a night out on the town! Quite an adventure for the girls!

Ana and Emily (Emily is Oscar and Vilma’s daughter – the on site directors of HOH)

Little Berta posing for the camera in the back of the truck on our way home.


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